Gira HomeServer 4

The Gira HomeServer 4 controls the entire KNX installation in the home and connects the system to the local computer network and the Internet via the worldwide Internet standard TCP/IP. Thus it is possible to centrally access the intelligent home technology functions and integrate numerous other technologies into home control using various operating devices, regardless of where you are.
System overview

Increased safety

The diverse safety functions which can be realised with an intelligent KNX installation from Gira ensure a reassuring feeling at any time. The system provides solutions for a wide range of dangers, such as burglary, fire or storms. This is turn ensures ideal protection for the home and its occupants.

More convenience

Intelligent home technology from Gira makes living even more pleasant and convenient – with functional intricacies which are perfectly adapted to individual wishes and requirements of the occupants. A wide variety of functions can be seamlessly integrated in the respective ambiance and provide functions for the ideal atmosphere of well-being throughout the whole house.

Improved energy efficiency

With modern energy management, intelligent home technology from Gira not only helps save energy, it protects the environment at the same time. Thanks to the perfect interaction of the functions, energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and optimally adapted to individual requirements using a wide range of sensors and time-controlled functions.

Simple operation with the Gira Interface

With the Gira Interface, the user interface of the Gira HomeServer, controlling innovative home technology is child's play. Understanding the menu guidance is intuitive: All functions are available within two levels. Additional detailed information and operating elements are displayed in a pop-up window.

Central control

With various operating devices such as the Gira Control Clients, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or the computer, the Gira HomeServer allows central control of all home technology – at home and while away.