Gira HomeServer

The on-board computer for intelligent buildings

The Gira HomeServer is the on-board computer for intelligent buildings. It connects the electrical installation of the KNX system to the computer network and the Internet. Thus it enables the central control of intelligent building technology using a number of operating device, regardless of the location. Moreover, in this way, numerous other technologies such as door intercoms, cameras, and audio systems can be integrated seamlessly in the building control, as can systems from other manufacturers in the bathroom, kitchen, and entertainment fields.

Expanding the KNX system with the Gira HomeServer offers numerous advantages: With it, occupants don't just enjoy the advantages of mobile technology control, plus the full Gira experience with maximum convenience, security, and energy efficiency. The award-winning Gira Interface makes controlling intelligent technology enjoyable by enabling complex scenarios to be controlled easily – with a single finger.

  • Simple operation with the Gira Interface
  • More security in everyday and dangerous situations
  • High system flexibility due to the client-server model
  • More convenience thanks to intelligent networking
  • Improved energy efficiency

With the Gira Interface, the user interface of the Gira HomeServer, controlling innovative home technology is child's play. The Gira Interface has already won several awards for its excellent user friendliness. The menu guidance has a clear design and intuitive functioning: Any function can be reached within only two levels. Additional information or operating elements are displayed directly in a pop-up window. This enables extremely convenient operation per touch screen – with a single finger.

In addition, all the devices which can be used for building control via the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer feature a uniformly structured interface design. Therefore, users needn't adapt to new menu guidances again and again – regardless of whether on a Gira Control Client, PC, tablet, or smartphone. The user interface has been adapted to the individual screen sizes of the separate end devices for optimum usability. This allows complex scenarios to be controlled easily – anytime and anywhere.
More about the Gira Interface

Intelligent home technology from Gira makes living more convenient and comfortable – with functional details which are precisely adapted to the individual wishes and needs of occupants. Central control of light, blinds, and heating, design of room scenes, need-based single-room control of ventilation and heating, fully automatic watering of the garden, multimedia entertainment in all the rooms, and much more.

With the help of the Gira HomeServer, a wide variety of functions can be seamlessly integrated in the corresponding ambiance and provide a sense of well-being throughout the entire home.

The diverse security functions which can be realised by connected to the Gira HomeServer ensure a sense of security around the clock. Whether for burglary, fire, or storms – the Gira KNX system offers special solutions for a wide variety of dangers.

Special applications such as panic switching, video monitoring, and occupied-home simulation guarantee ideal protections for the home and occupants.

With modern energy management, intelligent home technology from Gira not only helps save power, it also protects the environment. The perfect interaction of the functions allows the energy consumption to be reduced to a minimum and adapted exactly to individual household requirements.

The energy module clearly displays all the consumption values at any time. Thus occupants always have an eye on their energy costs and can permanently lower them – without foregoing comfort.

High system flexibility due to the
client-server model


Connection options: 1 serial port, 1 RJ45 network connection, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet. To the KNX system via IP router 216700, flush-mounted USB data interface 107000, DRA USB data interface 108000 (USB HID-compliant available from Expert software version 2.4 or higher). Connection to ISDN via USB-ISDN adapter 2093 00.


System requirements for operating devices: Internet browser of possible operating devices must support at least HTML 4.0, Java Script 1.1, CSS and Dynamic HTML. Commissioning with the following software: HomeServer Expert software for operating systems from Windows XP™ including Internet Explorer from version 6.0. Adoption of the ETS group addresses from ETS 2, ETS 3 and ETS 4. Integration of graphics programs.