Intelligent building technology from Gira

Generally speaking, Gira building technology can be divided into three areas. In addition to conventional installation, Gira offers two intelligent systems that use automation and remote control to enable a high degree of convenience, security, flexibility and value.

Which products for which room?

The Gira wireless weather station in the bathroom. The Gira panic switch in the bedroom. The Gira radio in the kitchen. Which products for which room? Of course, anything is possible. However, we show you the applications that are practical and help to achieve greater convenience.

Safety and security in the home

Greater protection for your home. The Gira product range includes numerous products for your safety and security, from socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection, to complex alarm systems.

Retrofitting devices the easy way

The Gira wireless bus system and Profile 55: We show you how easily and affordably you can retrofit rooms and buildings with convenient functions – without any dirt or noise.

Planning an electrical installation online

Are you building a house? Are you restoring one? On the ELEKTRO+ initiative website, you can use the 'Online Room Planner' to plan your individual basic equipment in relation to socket outlets and light switches. The planning tool factors in the equipment values under RAL RG 678 as part of this process.

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