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Endless possibilities in the intelligent home

As a system and solution provider for intelligent building technology, Gira connects different technological worlds – within the product range and together with experienced partners, including Revox, Dornbracht, Vaillant and Schüco. This enables the straightforward and highly functional integration of a wide range of different products into the home control, and opens up numerous new potential applications. High-quality entertainment components, a comfortable shower system, the entire energy and heating system, and the lighting and automatic window control can be integrated in this way, for example.

Connected Comfort – Space becomes experience

It's the little moments that make a day special. You can determine what your special moments are like. Let yourself be inspired by the interaction of cutting-edge technology and high-quality design. Experience how Connected Comfort links intelligent building technology with your individual wishes. How your home becomes a place that offers you security, relaxation, and unparalleled living comfort.
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Perfect interaction: Gira door communication and intelligent home technology

The Gira DCS IP gateway is the ideal solution for seamlessly integrating your door communication system into the home control. It converts signals from the Gira door communication system at the network protocol level (IP), which enables audiovisual door communication using the Gira Control Clients and the computer. In addition, individual access to the building or individual rooms can be flexibly controlled in combination with Gira Keyless In. People or groups can be granted permanent access or access only for defined periods. When the Gira Keyless In code keypad is connected to the Gira HomeServer, welcome scenes or absence modes can be started simply by inputting a numeric code. The interaction of light, music and temperature control can generate a personalised feel-good atmosphere when residents enter their home. When they leave it, they have the option of activating an absence mode, whereby certain electrical appliances are disconnected from the mains, the heating is turned down and occupancy simulation is started, for example.

Revox – Intelligent building technology meets home entertainment

Gira offers various solutions for controlling Revox multiroom and entertainment systems. The UPnP Control Point plug-in for the Gira Interface enables the convenient operation of the Revox Joy network receiver. In this way, in addition to controlling building technology, the Gira Control Clients or a computer can also be used to control music or select internet radio stations. The Revox entertainment system can be used to play back music, videos, images and internet content on television sets. Additionally, the Gira Interface can be controlled directly on the television set using the system. The Revox entertainment system serves as a link between the Gira HomeServer and the television in this regard. The Gira M217 / M218 control unit and the Gira touch sensor 3 are available to operate the Revox multiroom system in individual rooms. Both operating devices are integrated in the Gira design line and thus ensure that the entire electrical installation has a uniform appearance.
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Experience water in a whole new way with Dornbracht

The Dornbracht shower system featuring Ambience Tuning Technique (ATT) provides maximum comfort in the bathroom. When used in combination with a Revox audio system and the Gira HomeServer, the multi-functional spa shower provides an extraordinary spa experience comprising water, light and sound. With the new Dornbracht plug-in for the Gira Interface, the Dornbracht ATT system can be controlled with ease using the Gira Control Clients. The Gira HomeServer also enables integration of different shower programmes in complex scenes. They can then be conveniently called up using the Gira Control Clients or the Gira touch sensor 3. The Dornbracht plug-in is available exclusively from Gira System Integrators.

Centrally controlling energy and heating technology with Vaillant

The Vaillant plug-in enables the integration of energy and heating technology, meaning that a wide range of functions from the heating and energy systems can be efficiently integrated into the central home control and the building's entire energy management system, where they can be monitored, and controlled. Users have a constant overview of the operating status, consumption values of the heating system, and also, for e.g., any solar heat systems' generation values. Changes can be conveniently made to the operating mode using the Gira Control Clients, or a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The Vaillant plug-in is available exclusively from Gira System Integrators.

Intelligent networking with the Gira HomeServer

Taking centre stage is the Gira HomeServer – the on-board computer for the intelligent home. It connects the KNX installation to the IP world and enables the entire home technology to be controlled centrally using a wide variety of operating devices such as the Gira Control Clients, computer, smartphones and tablets.

System Integrators and showrooms

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Competent advice, careful planning, and a professional installation are indispensable for a modern electrical installation at home.

Gira studios: Experience building technology live

Take a look, touch it, and try it out: That’s the concept behind the Gira showrooms. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the products and possibilities of intelligent building technology, including the full functionality of a KNX system, in person. There are Gira Studio Partners in many German cities, as well as in Austria, the Netherlands and Italy.

Cooperation partners and app store

Gira Cooperation Partners: Competence that connects

Location and appearance have now been joined by a third criterion, 'intelligence', in determining the attractiveness of high-quality properties. In this segment, building owners are not looking for stand-alone functions but for all-around solutions for a genuinely enhanced quality of living.

Gira App Store

For several years now, the Gira App Store has been firmly established as a marketplace and platform for interesting solutions for the Gira Home Server. More than 200 apps are available today, including plug-ins, function templates, logic blocks, and sample projects. Up to now, access was primarily reserved for System Integrators. The Gira App Store is now open to all specialist electrical firms in an effort to develop an even broader user base and to open up new applications for the Gira Home Server. This will ensure that the Gira App Store, unique in the industry, continues to play a role in the future as a competent service and marketing platform for intelligent building technology applications.

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