Gira wireless bus system

Current electrical installations in existing buildings can be expanded or modernised quickly, cleanly and affordably with the Gira wireless bus system. A wide range of state-of-the-art control options can be easily installed wirelessly, with no dirt or noise and at minimal expense and effort.

Communication is via transmitters and receivers. The transmitters are battery-operated and send commands to wireless receivers and actuators, which then execute or forward them.


The transmitters include hand-held transmitters and wall transmitters such as the Gira touch sensors, as well as presence detectors or automatic control switches, which forward certain commands to the receivers.


The receivers include socket outlet adapters for dimming, wireless motor servos for automatic heating control or control buttons for blind control.


The Gira DRA wireless actuators carry out light and blind applications and are installed in a distributor along with the Gira wireless receiver module.

Gateways and repeaters

The Gira wireless bus system range includes the Gira surface-mounted wireless KNX/EIB transformer, which connects the system to the Gira KNX/EIB system, as well as a repeater, which amplifies signals from assigned transmitters.

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