The KNX system in detail

The Gira KNX system is an intelligent solution for the electrical installation of building technology, which opens up a new dimension of modern living. The intelligent concept for networking and controlling building technology noticeably enhances living comfort, at the same time as ensuring greater security and low energy costs – both in the home and in the workplace.

The nervous system for the intelligent home.

The KNX bus line – a green cable which is installed in addition to the conventional mains supply in a new build or renovation project – forms the foundation of the KNX system. In this way, the various building technology elements are connected to one another in accordance with the KNX standard for building automation.

The cable system is supplemented by suitable sensors, detectors and displays, which enable very simple and convenient control of all KNX devices via the bus line.

Advanced functions with the Gira HomeServer

The optional system extension with the Gira HomeServer or Gira FacilityServer makes for maximum living comfort, efficiency and security. This allows users to conveniently control all the functions, even when they’re on the move, using their smartphone or tablet. Additional devices and systems can also be seamlessly integrated via the server. When used in conjunction with the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer, an intelligent network that adapts to users’ needs at any time is created. Due to automatic lighting control, lighting switches off automatically when it is no longer needed, for instance.

And when users are leaving the building, they can switch off all the electrical devices at the touch of a button to save on unnecessary energy costs. Even complex living scenes can be combined individually. When the front door is opened, for example, the suitable lighting mood is created, the occupant’s current favourite song is played and the bathroom is preheated – either automatically or at the touch of a button. With the KNX system from Gira, there are no limits to the design possibilities.

Expandable system with a future-proof standard

The Gira KNX system is a long-term solution – but it is anything but static. Once it has been installed, the system can be expanded or reprogrammed with ease. The system adapts to individual requirements whenever lifestyles or working conditions change. The KNX system can also be retrofitted without any annoying noise or dirt using the Gira wireless bus system. For this purpose, Gira offers a wide range of devices and functions so that even very specific requirements can be implemented with ease.

In addition, the Gira HomeServer allows for systems from other manufacturers to be integrated directly. Whether they’re for use in the kitchen or sanitary facilities or for entertainment purposes, occupants can make their home environment even more personal and convenient with systems from Revox, Miele, Dornbracht and so on.

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KNX system


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