Gira System 3000

Light and blind control made easy

The Gira System 3000 offers maximum flexibility and optimum convenience for advanced light and blind control: With five different operating top units, which can be universally used for both areas of light and blinds, this offers easy operation and a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for every desired level of comfort. The top units are characterised by intuitive operation.

Operating top units for Gira System 3000 blind and light control

The operating top units in the Gira System 3000 blind controllers feature intuitive operation and clear button labelling. Four options provide tailored convenience. Even the two operating top units for manual control store an individual intermediate position. At the push of a button, the Memory operating top unit also saves the current time for the daily raising and lowering of the blinds, and features a blocking function. The high-contrast illuminated display and the sensor surface of the new Gira blind timer make operation particularly simple. A customised time program and the astro function add extra convenience.

Intuitive operation and programming with the Gira System 3000 Display blind timer

Touch-sensitive buttons and a high-contrast illuminated display make operating the new Gira Display blind timer easier than ever before. In addition to manual control, the current time can be saved at the push of a button to program the movement times for all seven days. Alternatively, the settings can be customised separately for weekdays and the weekend via the menu. Especially convenient: The integrated astro function makes it possible to dynamically match these movement times to sunrise and sunset. The changeover between summer and winter time is carried out automatically.

Simple and flexible installation

Installing the blind controller inserts is now even easier. With an installation depth of just 24 millimetres, the new inserts leave more space in the flush-mounted box, which means greater wiring flexibility. Recessed mounting claws make for easier installation and provide increased safety. Start-up of connected servos can be done without an operating top unit, using a test button to check their function. Depending on operating top unit, the basic rating is just 0.2 W – 0.5 W.

Award-winning design for any ambiance

Ten design lines, more than 75 frame variants, and more than 300 inserts in different colours and materials: The modular Gira design system offers a great range of designs and functions. In addition to switches and socket outlets, and the operating top units for the System 3000 blind controller, numerous other functions can be integrated, such as door intercoms or KNX touch sensors.

Design and awards

Product and interface design Gira Display blind timer:

schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation, Wuppertal

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System 3000


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