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Gira S1 firmware update


Order No. 2089 00

ZIP, 30.101 Kb

Version: 5.1.632

Date: 17.08.2020


New functions

With GPA v4.3 and higher and the Gira S1 firmware v5.1, the Gira S1 remote access template can be put into operation. This template allows installer access for remote maintenance to be enabled or disabled by the end customer. The template can be used in combination with the Gira Alarm Connect security system and the Gira S1. No KNX installation is necessary. The template can also be used with a Gira S1 and Gira X1 combination. Please note the instructions in the GPA help (chapter 11.1) for correctly selecting the Gira S1 device version.

Known errors

  • If the DNS server address is specified at a different address than that of the default gateway via the device website of the Gira S1 and the Gira S1 is then restarted, the DNS server address is overwritten with the address of the default gateway.
  • If the Gira S1 is selected as a tunnelling interface to program itself via TP and the KNX connection is lost while the physical address is being downloaded, KNX communication is no longer possible. Restarting the Gira S1 corrects this error.
  • If a full microSD card (fill level = 100%) is removed from the Gira S1 in order to delete the telegrams on the microSD card and the empty microSD card is then inserted back into the Gira S1, error code 4 appears and the Gira S1 stops logging. Restarting the Gira S1 corrects this error.
  • The Gira S1 remote access template allows the end customer to enable or disable remote access for the installer. This functionality can also be implemented via the Gira X1 switching template. After this function has been correctly configured and activated, the installer may still have access even when remote access has been disabled. The error occurs if the installer has active client connections to the Gira S1 when this function is being activated. If you encounter this error, you have two possible solutions.
    Possible solution 1: The installer must terminate all active connections to the Gira S1 on a one-off basis.
    Possible solution 2: The Gira S1 must be disconnected from the network for three minutes.