Gira products and systems are used in a wide variety of objects, including in private residential construction, offices and administrations, in education facilities and hotels. An impressive example: Berlin Central Station. In its function as a railway hub, it is one of the largest and most modern of its type in Europe.

It was opened in May 2006 after a construction period of approximately eleven years. It was designed by Meinhard von Gerkan from the Hamburg location of gmp. von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Architects.


Gira offers numerous intelligent solutions for a home that is perfectly adapted to individual wishes and requirements. These solutions make life at home more convenient, enhance security and also help save energy. The possibilities for flats, homes and even houseboats, new buildings and renovations are virtually unlimited. Especially when the powerful KNX system is used. Gira eNet also includes radio solutions: quick and neat to install, they also ensure smart living.


Offices and administrative buildings

Gira's intelligent networking and control of building technology pays off in office, commercial and administrative buildings. In particular, it helps noticeably improve energy efficiency by not only saving energy, but also optimally distributing and using it - for example, through lighting control that is dependent on operating hours and/or daylight. In connection with the Gira HomeServer or the Gira Facility Server, complex KNX systems are centrally controlled via Gira operating devices such as the Gira Control 9 Client or Gira Control 19 Client.


Hotel buildings

Only the best for guests: Gira facilitates complete and integral building control and automation solutions for all areas of a hotel. It opens up numerous possibilities to offer guests more convenience and increased security. In addition, the automation of certain processes supports the manual work of hotel employees and helps conserve resources. The Gira switch ranges win over design-conscious hoteliers for use in various interior design styles.


Educational institutions

People of all ages benefit from Gira: at the older end of the spectrum, Gira goes down well in schools and universities as well as in theatres, operas, museums and even in sports stadiums thanks not only to its stylish switch programs, but also because KNX systems ensure both efficient operation and a high degree of convenience. And the use of intelligent electrical installations is particularly sensible in kindergartens and schools too. For example, daylight-dependent blind and light control guarantees ideal conditions for playing and learning.


Cultural facilities

Cultural buildings often have a long history. But even historical buildings can be equipped with intelligent building technology when being renovated. For example, a KNX system helps save energy by providing appropriate lighting, heating control or ventilation. Building technology systems are often installed as a matter of course in new buildings, as operators know that these systems save money – which can instead be used to benefit culture.



Gira can play a significant role in hospitals, medical practices, care homes and supervised living facilities. Gira call systems 834 and 834 Plus provide help in quickly communicating and requesting assistance in cases of emergency. Moreover, Gira provides many other intelligent health care helpers that ensure more convenience and security for patients and occupants who are in need of assistance or care – thus reducing the daily workload of physicians and care personnel.


Shop fitting and presentation

Attractive sales and presentation areas don't win people over by their appearance alone. Functionality and efficiency also play significant roles. Solutions from Gira enable all of the components to interact perfectly. From highlighting selected products using light and sound scenarios and automatically controlling heating and ventilation technology, right through to ordering goods on an as-needed basis, intelligent building control delights visitors and operators alike.