Gira door communication -
Flexible solutions for indoor and outdoor use

Seeing who is at the door, conducting conversations in optimum voice quality and conveniently opening the door: the Gira door communication system provides solutions for all indoor and outdoor requirements. The range includes door intercoms to match the Gira design lines, video function, keyless access control, flexible operating options by connecting to IP networks, and much more.

Gira System 106 – Modular and flexible door communication

See who is at the door with the Gira System 106. Clean and sophisticated design, robust materials, and compact, cutting-edge technology provide convenience, security, and a touch of elegance to your door. The modular system is incredibly flexible to configure and can be adapted or expanded at any time.

Gira Door Communication Configurator

Configuring door intercoms – simply and conveniently: The Gira door communication system supports door intercoms of different types and sizes: from single and multi-family homes to entire apartment blocks. From simple audio systems and video systems to integration in a computer network. The Gira Configurator for door communication systems is a user-friendly online tool, which makes individually configuring door intercoms a pleasure – for proprietors and managers, but also for tradespeople and other professionals.

Gira door communication system

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Door intercoms for indoor use

Gira home stations are the voice and operating units at the front door and the counterparts to the door station outside. Gira offers devices with a modular design system, but also fully pre-assembled stations such as the VideoTerminal.

Door intercoms for outdoor use

Gira door stations are used as voice and operating units for outdoor areas. Gira offers variants for flush-mounted or surface-mounted installation. Integration in the Gira energy profile is also possible.

Network-enabled door communication

The Gira door communication system offers the option of completely integrating Gira door and home stations into IP networks. This allows the easy use of a wide variety of control devices such as the new Gira G1, Gira Control Clients or a computer to communicate with visitors in the entrance area. Whether on the move or using your home's WiFi: On smartphones and tablets, the system is accessed via the Gira DCS IP gateway.

Mobile door communication

The Gira door communication system offers numerous innovative solutions for indoors and outdoors, even while you're away. The Gira DCS IP gateway enables access to the door intercom system with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The communication is encrypted using Secure Data Access, which is also used in the Gira S1 and guarantees maximum security.

Keyless access control

Access with a number combination: within the Gira door communications system, Gira offers the Keyless In Keypad for secure, keyless access to buildings.

System devices

The essential components for door communication are various system and control devices, which take on fundamental tasks for supplying and controlling the system.

Integration solutions

Door communication solutions for individual applications – from single-family homes to buildings with 68 units, for gate entryways or integration in existing systems.

Easy installation and start-up

Gira makes technology simple. The system's 2-wire bus technology and one-man start-up concept enables it to be installed during renovation without the need for cabling work and configured even in the absence of some of the residential units.

Design awards

In addition to a high level of technical quality, Gira places great value on product design. In intensive collaboration with external and in-house design teams, we develop products that are repeatedly recognized for their exceptional and simple design.

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