Gira data and communication connection technology

The right connection for any system – in the style of the design line

Home entertainment, media presentation, data transfer and much more besides: Gira data and communication connection technology provides digital and analogue interfaces for all standard multimedia and network applications.

Since they are integrated in the Gira design lines, all connections can be installed to match the design of the entire electrical installation – both in private buildings and commercial properties.

Matching the style of the design line

All interfaces are integrated in the Gira design lines. Not only does this mean unity of design for the entire electrical installation, but also a great deal of freedom with respect to selecting colour and frame variants to match any interior.

Three connection types

Selected interfaces are available in three models for various connection types: with solder termination, breakout cable or gender changer. In this way, both ready-to-connect or self-made cables can be used. This is particularly advantageous, for instance, if there are difficult installation conditions or if the required plug connectors don’t fit through the existing empty pipes.

Easy installation

An installation system with a plug-in principle ensures fast, safe and simple installation. Since the function and cover frame are separated, only the flush-mounted inserts can be installed initially if desired. The desired design can then be selected during a later construction phase.

Diverse areas of application

Gira data and communication connection technology offers flexible solutions for all areas of application – whether in a private residence, office, hotel, school, medical practice or laboratory. Due to the combination of various interfaces on a single function insert, there is a suitable connection available for any application.

Product range


Whether they’re hi-fi systems or compact systems, with the audio connections of Gira data and communication connection technology, all sound systems can be connected perfectly. Connections for cinch, mini jack, XLR, WBT nextgen, BNC and speaker cables are available to choose from.


For networking DVD players, projectors and other video components: Gira data and communication connection technology offers diverse video interfaces such as S-video, composite video and component video as well as combinations with cinch audio or mini jack.

TV and entertainment

For full HD televisions, games consoles, Blu-Ray players and more besides. The connection boxes for HDMI and SAT F cables are available in an extremely wide variety of combinations – with a USB connection, cinch pin jack or RJ45 network connection.


Whether they’re for flat screens or tube monitors, the DVI and VGA graphic interfaces of Gira data and communication connection technology bring video signals directly out of the wall and onto the screen. Device variants with a cinch connection, mini jack or USB interface are available as options.


The RJ45 connection box is indispensable for every company network and also the most reliable solution for internet access in the home. In addition to a space-saving 4-gang combination, 1-gang and 2-gang variants with a 30° angled socket outlet and inscription space are available.

Data transfer

For data transfer straight through the wall: The Gira data and communication connection technology product range offers USB connections and D-sub pin jacks in 9-pole and 15-pole variants.


To protect technology in publicly accessible areas, an insert with a U-shaped bracket is available for fastening laptop security locks. A hinged cover is also available, e.g. for connections that are rarely needed or connections that shouldn’t be directly visible.

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