Smart wireless home control

Whether used in new builds or for modernisation – eNet is the future-proof wireless system for smart networking and control of building technology in homes or rental apartments of up to 140 square metres. An alliance of leading vendors has developed eNet as a manufacturer-neutral industry standard that has already proven its worth in many households. With eNet SMART HOME, a new expansion stage of the eNet system is now available. It offers the possibility of conveniently controlling and monitoring the building technology via smartphone while on the move. Whether you are at home or on the road – your data is always completely secure!

Following the latest update of the eNet SMART HOME server, the system is now also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that light, shading and scenes can now also be controlled by voice command.

Smart top units for the Gira System 3000

The Gira eNet wireless operating top unit is a new addition to the range. It can simply be swapped into existing Gira System 3000 installations to convert them into wireless operating elements. An additional switching point can therefore be installed in the room in combination with the eNet wireless wall transmitter with little effort.
For even greater convenience, the eNet wireless operating top unit can even be paired with the eNet server to enable control via smartphone, tablet or voice control.

More about the Gira eNet wireless operating top unit in the online catalogue

Operating options

Control options for the eNet SMART HOME

There are six different control options for the Gira eNet SMART HOME system. All the functions of the eNet system can be easily and intuitively controlled using voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant or via the app, via the Gira G1, with wireless operating top units, manually or via wall transmitters. The various operating devices are shown below. 

Control your building technology while you are away from home using the eNet SMART HOME App

The eNet SMART HOME App is intuitive and makes managing your home a real pleasure. The controls are always the same – whether you are at home or on the move with remote access activated. With the app, it is possible to activate individual functions and configure various timers, including astro function, scenes and if-then rules. All helping to make life in your home even more pleasant.

Download the eNet SMART HOME App (Android) in the Google Play Store here

Download the eNet SMART HOME App (iOS) in the Apple App Store here


Lighting control

Switch lights on and off, or dim them precisely to the desired setting: with the eNet SMART HOME App, lighting can be controlled with maximum flexibility. Additional settings like switch-on or switch-off brightness can also be configured.

Blind control

Raise and lower blinds and shutters, or extend and retract awnings: Everything can be controlled with a smartphone via the eNet SMART HOME App – at home or while on the move.

Heating control

When combined with smart heating control from tado°, the room temperature can be controlled via the eNet SMART HOME App and the actual temperature and humidity can be displayed.

Start screen

The “My Home” start screen area on the eNet SMART HOME App can be individually configured: the desired scenes are displayed and executed here and the frequently used functions are displayed as favourites.

Heating control operating mode

The mode of the tado° system can be configured in such a way that a changed setpoint temperature only applies for a certain period – or permanently until a different one is specified. The setpoint temperature can also be set to change automatically.

Room overview

All rooms are displayed in the eNet SMART HOME App: this allows you to see at a glance which function is active in which room. If, for example, the light was left on, it can be switched off while on the move.

Central control

Central functions can be carried out directly in the room overview: for example, all lighting can be switched on and off, the temperature can be controlled and the shading raised or lowered.

Scene configuration

Because a perfect room ambiance includes the right light, the ideal temperature and suitable privacy protection: the eNet SMART HOME App can be used to quickly configure and change the atmosphere to meet your needs.

Timer configuration

The eNet SMART HOME App timer can be used to configure many functions: certain functions can be automatically triggered at a specified time every day, or only on certain days of the week. It is also possible to activate functions in line with sunrise or sunset.

If-then rules*

A function is activated automatically if a certain event occurs. If, for example, the outside brightness has reached a certain level, the light switches off automatically to save energy. Or if the sunlight becomes too intense, the blinds are lowered and the room stays cool.

User management

With the eNet SMART HOME App new users can be created in the system or existing access rights changed easily and conveniently, for not everyone in the home should have access to everything – this is especially important in households with children.

Remote access

The eNet SMART HOME App ensures that homes can also be accessed remotely. The functions can also be controlled when residents are absent by activating remote access within the app. Remote access is free of charge.

Gira G1 eNet SMART HOME Client

Control all areas of your personal eNet SMART HOME system from home with the Gira G1: the smart central operating unit provides intuitive access to all functions. The Gira G1 eNet Client fits perfectly in your rooms with a design that is both future-oriented and simple.

Gira eNet wireless operating top units for integrating the Gira System 3000

The wireless operating top units from the Gira eNet system are easy to mount and can turn a conventional electrical installation into a wireless system. Existing System 3000 switches and buttons for light or blind control can be replaced by eNet wireless operating top units. Simply remove the existing operating top unit and replace it with the eNet wireless operating top unit.

eNet wireless operating top unit

eNet wireless operating top unit arrow symbols

eNet wireless operating top unit Memory

eNet wireless operating top unit Memory arrow symbols

Replacing the Gira System 3000 top units is an easy way to get started with a wireless-controlled Smart Home, even when retrofitting. Wireless operation offers many advantages. If lights and blinds are operated with a hand-held wireless transmitter, for example, this can be done over a greater range, such as from the garden or bedroom. The Gira eNet wireless operating top unit can also be configured so that all the blinds on a floor are raised or lowered at the same time, for example. Entire scenes can even be controlled with a tap of the finger. Connecting the system to a Gira eNet server makes even more functions and operations possible, including mobile control via the app.

More about the Gira eNet wireless operating top units in the online catalogue

Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter

Battery-operated eNet wireless wall transmitters can be conveniently placed exactly wherever switches or buttons are required, regardless of the mains connections – whether fixed�to a wall with screws or conveniently attached to smooth surfaces such as glass panes with adhesive strips. Two-colour LEDs indicate successful signal transmission and the status of the actuator.

Easily control up to six functions

Wall transmitters are available in 1-gang and 3-gang versions. In principle, all wall transmitters have the same functions and are differentiated by the number of buttons. The buttons/rockers are assigned fixed functions – up to six functions can be used in a 3-gang wall transmitter because the rockers can be controlled on both the left and the right.

Call up programmed default settings

Scenes are programmed default settings, enabling the user to create a suitable lighting mood in the living room, while simultaneously lowering the blinds, for example – and all at the press of a button. Scenes make it possible to set and save default settings and call them up again at the press of a button using entire groups of actuators (receivers for lights or blinds). A transmitter that can trigger scene telegrams is required for the scenes function. This can be any eNet wireless transmitter that is set to ‘Scenes’ operating mode. The scene numbers are factory preset in the hand-held transmitters and wall transmitters.

Always right where they are needed

The wireless wall transmitter is notable for its particularly flat design. This means that the device can be adhered directly to smooth surfaces such as glass and wood without any additional housing. Free of the need for a mains connection, it can be attached wherever switches and buttons are needed. With the wireless wall transmitter, previously installed switches and switch combinations can also be extended quickly and neatly with additional switches and buttons.

Gira eNet wireless hand-held transmitter

Gira eNet wireless hand-held transmitters enable convenient operation of building technology. Lights can be switched and dimmed, blinds can be controlled or various scenes can be called up using large operating buttons. The wireless hand-held transmitter is available in four variants – from simple to multifunctional.

Gira eNet wireless hand-held transmitter, 1-gang, 2-gang and 4-gang

The eNet system can be conveniently controlled with the eNet wireless hand-held transmitters. Featuring one large operating button, the compact battery-operated wireless hand-held transmitter, 1-gang, is the easy-to-handle remote control for all lighting and blind actuators. The wireless hand-held transmitter, 2-gang, transmits switching, dimming and blind adjustment commands using four buttons, two for each operating channel. The wireless hand-held transmitter, 4-gang, has the same functions as the hand-held transmitter, 2-gang, but features two additional operating channels. It can also call up additional scenes in scene mode. For all hand-held transmitters, the signal transmission and actuator status are indicated by a two-colour LED.

Gira eNet wireless hand-held transmitter Multi

The Gira eNet wireless hand-held transmitter Multi provides a convenient user interface via the display, which shows the current status of the respective actuators and enables numerous functions. With the hand-held transmitter, the light and blind functions can be called up individually, in groups, or as a scene. The hand-held transmitter has 24 function channels and 16 scene channels. They can be clearly designated using free-text names and organised in individual, clear lists. Operation is performed using buttons and the menu control. The hand-held transmitter Multi cannot be used in an eNet SMART HOME project; it can only be used in an eNet project.

Products for the eNet SMART HOME system

Functions such as lighting and blind control can be easily installed and linked into a network using the eNet SMART HOME product portfolio in existing buildings as well as new builds – on the basis of a conventional electrical installation. Sensors measure brightness or voltage, current and energy values and transmit these values to the eNet server. This then issues commands to the actuators. Signals are transmitted between the individual components bidirectionally and wirelessly, i.e. actuators not only receive commands, but also report successful transmission. 

Operating devices

Many different operating devices are available to control the eNet SMART HOME system. In addition to easily retrofitted wall transmitters, the product range encompasses hand-held transmitters and various operating top units. When the eNet SMART HOME server is used, the system can also be controlled conveniently with the eNet SMART HOME App from home or while away. Lights, blinds, and various other functions can be operated intuitively with the app and easily incorporated into scenes.


The Gira eNet server brings maximum convenience and the utmost flexibility to the Smart Home. It is the versatile central control unit that allows the configuration of scenes, timers and if-then rules. With the Gira eNet server, not only can you program the entire eNet SMART HOME system, you can also visualise and document it automatically. The entire home automation system can be easily controlled and configured via the eNet SMART HOME App – even while on the move.


Actuators transform wireless commands into functions. A broad selection of actuators for switching, dimming and controlling blinds or lighting leaves nothing to be desired. The blind actuators additionally feature an operating mode for awnings.

System devices

System devices expand the range of wireless signals and allow existing wireless bus system installations to be integrated in the eNet system.

Installation and start-up

The installation of the eNet SMART HOME system will impress you with its simple operation. Smart extensions can be conveniently added by the eNet server. In the first step, existing inserts are first replaced by special wireless operating top units and then � in the second step the eNet system is started up via the browser interface eNet SMART HOME connect. 

A tutorial on starting up the eNet system can be found here

Install Gira eNet wireless operating top units

Existing pushbutton dimmers or top units for blind control are removed in the first step. Next, the Gira eNet wireless operating top units are installed in the devices – and that’s all that is needed to make the conventional electrical installation suitable for eNet SMART HOME.

Manual start-up at the push of a button

For many applications, it is enough to just set the operating mode for the eNet device and then connect the sensor and actuator to one another. The programming buttons on the actuator and sensor are then pressed for four seconds until the LED indicates that the learning mode has been activated. Pressing the desired channel button on the sensor assigns the devices to one another. After quitting learning mode, the programmed actuator will only respond to signals from its assigned transmitter. Up to ten actuators can be connected to a transmitter in a single step.

eNet SMART HOME connect

The eNet SMART HOME connect application for start-up tasks is operated via an intuitive graphical user interface: It can be used to create and manage projects, and to add devices that have already been installed by running a search for them or selecting them from a device catalogue. The project can be managed in the eNet server and can also be saved separately for project documentation.

1st step: Creating rooms

The first step is to create the rooms for the project. The names can be freely selected. It is important to plan the structure carefully as it is reflected 1:1 in the eNet SMART HOME App.

2nd step: Search and assign devices

Devices can be added to the project from the eNet system via the device search. All devices that are in learning mode or to which the voltage has just been applied will be found and displayed. The selected devices can be assigned to their rooms and the device channels can be individually named according to their usage.

3rd step: Create connections

Actuator and sensor channels are now assigned to one another and functionally interconnected. During operation, the connected devices communicate directly with one another. This ensures highly robust functioning with a low risk of failure. Even if the eNet server fails, these functions remain operable – thereby ensuring basic functionality at all times.

4th step: Transfer project and
automatically export documentation

Finally, the project planning data is transferred to the individual devices. The display for the eNet SMART HOME App is generated automatically. The project can now be exported, used as a backup or used as a template for future project planning. The documentation for the project can of course also be generated and exported automatically in the eNet server.

Tutorials and videos

eNet SMART HOME is the clever alternative to intelligent building control in apartments or small single-family homes. The following eNet SMART HOME videos provide a comprehensive insight into the possible scenarios, all functions of the new app and tutorials on simple start-up.

Tutorial: eNet SMART HOME app - Functions at a glance

Overview of all the functions of the eNet SMART HOME app. Our tutorial will provide you with detailed information about the use of functions such centrally controlling light and blinds, creating scenes or programming the time control.

Tutorial: eNet SMART HOME connect - Start-up

This �tutorial guides you through the start-up interface eNet SMART HOME connect in nine simple steps. Learn how to create a new project, add and configure devices, and set up connections.

eNet SMART HOME alliance

Future-proof system thanks to strong partners

Strong brands join forces in the eNet Alliance to facilitate cross-brand and cross-trade solutions. eNet SMART HOME is being continuously developed by the Alliance as a common industry standard. This means eNet SMART HOME offers maximum future security. Users can rely on every single component – both now and in the future. The eNet Alliance is open to new partners, meaning that the range of possibilities will constantly increase.

eNet alliance partners include Gira, Brumberg, Häfele, Jung, SSS Siedle, Steinel and tado°.


Operating instructions

eNet Server

Operating instructions.

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Quick Start Guide iOS.

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Quick Start Guide Android.

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eNet SMART HOME connect

Quick Start Guide.

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eNet server

eNet SMART HOME secure update

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Wireless receiver module

Operating instructions.

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Power supply 12 V DC / 2 A DRA

Operating instructions.

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Wireless converter intermediate plug

Operating instructions.

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Wireless repeater intermediate plug

Operating instructions.

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Wireless operating top unit Memory, Wireless operating top unit

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5492 .., 5493 .., 5494 .., 5495 ..

PDF, 455,1 KB


Wireless Solar sun sensor

Operating instructions.

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Wireless energy sensor, 1-gang intermediate plug

Operating instructions.

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Wireless energy sensor, 1-gang Mini

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5471 00

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Wireless energy sensor, 4-gang

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5473 00

PDF, 1,2 MB


Wireless switching actuator, 1-gang intermediate plug

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5448 02

PDF, 954,0 KB


Wireless switching/momentary-contact actuator, 1-gang Mini (zero-voltage)

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5423 00, 5424 00

PDF, 1,1 MB


Wireless switching/momentary-contact actuator, 2-gang Mini

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5425 00

PDF, 1,0 MB


Wireless dimming actuator, 1-gang Mini

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5420 00

PDF, 343,5 KB


Wireless control unit 1-10V, 1-gang Mini

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5421 00

PDF, 827,6 KB


Wireless DALI control unit, 1-gang Mini

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5422 00

PDF, 352,4 KB


Wireless blinds actuator, 1-gang Mini

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5427 00

PDF, 1,0 MB


Wireless switching/momentary-contact actuator, 1-gang

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5433 00

PDF, 1,1 MB


Wireless switching/momentary-contact actuator, 8-gang / blinds actuator, 4-gang

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 5435 00

PDF, 1,4 MB


Wireless dimming actuator, 1-gang

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5430 00

PDF, 428,1 KB


Wireless dimming actuator, 4-gang

Operating instructions.

Bestell-Nr 5431 00

PDF, 604,3 KB


Wireless blinds actuator, 1-gang

Operating instructions.

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Technical Documentation

eNet Server from 2.0

Technical documentation.

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Product information


Product Information 03/2019

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Gira categories for the smart home

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Gira Smart Home

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Guides / system basics

eNet SMART HOME Voice Control


PDF, 2,8 MB


eNet system manual


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PDF, 6,2 MB


Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

PDF, 5,4 MB


Gira System 3000

System basics

PDF, 4,3 MB


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