eNet SMART HOME - Wireless home control

Whether used in new buildings or for modernisation – eNet is the future-proof wireless system for smart networking and control of building technology in homes or rental apartments up to 140 square metres. An alliance of leading vendors has developed eNet as a manufacturer-neutral industry standard, which has already proven its worth in many households. With eNet SMART HOME, a new expansion stage of the eNet system is now available. It offers the possibility to conveniently control and monitor the building technology via smartphone while on the move. Whether at home or on the road - always absolutely secure!

Operating devices for the eNet SMART HOME system

The Gira eNet SMART HOME system can be easily and intuitively controlled via different operating devices. The new eNet SMART HOME app enables convenient control from home or while on the move. The Gira G1 can also be used as eNet Client. Existing inserts from a conventional electrical installation can be replaced with wireless operating top units. Wireless wall transmitters can also be fixed anywhere the wall either with screws or using convenient adhesive strips. The Gira wireless hand-held transmitters, available in four different designs, are a final option.


Gira G1

Wireless operating top units

Wireless wall transmitters

Wireless hand-held transmitter

Smart Home application examples

With eNet SMART HOME, a large number of applications are possible: Adjusting the light from your bed, operating the blind control centrally, controlling shading according to the sunrise or sunset times, or monitoring the progress of the wash cycle in the basement via the app.

Design variation in 10 frame ranges

The Gira design system is modular. It includes 10 design lines with over 300 functions for convenient, flexible and varied lifestyles. All functions can be combined in different colours with different frame variants.

Products for the eNet SMART HOME

Switching and dimming lights, controlling temperatures as well as opening and closing blinds and shutters, manually or according to the degree of sunlight: Gira eNet components enable everything to be controlled wirelessly – either individually or networked into so-called scenes based on the situation or the user's needs. Existing switches or buttons – for example from the System 2000 range for lighting or blind control – can be easily replaced with Gira eNet wireless operating top units. They enable existing functions in the Gira eNet system to be integrated, networked and controlled using wireless wall transmitters or hand-held remotes.

Download brochure

The brochure on the new eNet SMART HOME expansion stage provides a comprehensive insight into the various potential applications and functions that are possible with the eNet app and eNet server.

Download system manual

In addition to the brochure, the eNet system manual provides detailed information on all eNet system components and on the eNet SMART HOME expansion stage, as well as explanations of how the system works and special tips for the start-up. The Gira eNet SMART HOME system manual is mainly aimed at the electrical trade.

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