Gira blind controller

Manual blind control

Convenient control options for daily raising and lowering – with the Gira control button, the Gira control button with sensor evaluation, or with sensor evaluation and memory function, for example.

System 3000 blind controller

With the Gira System 3000 blind controller, the daily raising and lowering of blinds, shutters and co. is easier than ever before. With four different operating top units, there is a brilliant solution for every desired level of comfort.

Electronic blind control

Time-dependent control options automate the daily operation of roller shutters or simulate presence when you’re away on holiday. Connected sensors take on important protective functions too.

Wireless blind control

Operate blinds, roller shutters or awnings conveniently by remote control from your armchair: with the wireless control button and the wireless hand-held transmitter Komfort, which can be simply retrofitted with the Gira wireless bus system.

Blind controller with KNX

If the Gira KNX system is installed, various functions can be combined in a single device. Lights and blind control. Or ventilation with the blind controller.


Various sensors can be combined with the blind control options. They measure light intensity, glass breakage or wind speed, for example.

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