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The future of indoor lighting

Plug & Light is redefining lighting design thanks to its open system that offers controllable lighting from the socket outlet. The Plug & Light light socket outlet can be easily and safely installed in commercially available European
device boxes. In combination with different light top units, Plug & Light ensures conveniently controllable lighting. Guaranteed functionally reliable, dimmable without flickering, and always perfectly coordinated with any interior thanks to matching switch designs. For a wonderfully flexible indoor lighting experience.

  • 100% compatibility of Gira dimmers and
    Plug & Light light top units
  • Plug & Light spotlights from Gira with warm dimmable function
  • Easy installation in any commercially available European device box
  • Flexible exchange of the light top units even during ongoing operation
  • Safe to touch thanks to 12 V safety extra-low voltage
  • Uniform design of switch and light top unit
  • Light top units can be rotated continuously by 360°

Flexible lighting design with a host of added benefits

Plug & Light makes indoor lighting smart and light control incredibly simple. Plug & Light is a defined interface that unites light control and power supply. Combined with appropriate light top units, the system offers easily-controllable indoor lighting – from dimming to warm dimming. The appropriate light top units can be easily and safely installed and exchanged. A system with added benefits that offers the customer almost unlimited freedom in his lighting design.

Tailor-made light planning

The position of the light socket outlet needs to be planned during the construction process. The switch design and light top unit can be selected subsequently. This enables the builder to remain flexible in his light planning.

Intelligent light socket outlet

The gold-plated sliding contacts of the Plug & Light light socket outlet ensure control of communication between the insert and top unit even without any configuration. They also enable 360° continuous rotation of the light top units.

Functionally reliable dimming

Dimmers from Gira enable flicker-free and functionally reliable dimming of Plug & Light lights as the products are optimally coordinated. And with the Gira Plug & Light spotlight even warm dimming is possible.

Flexible exchange

Plug & Light lights can be exchanged in no time at all. An innovative construction makes this principle possible: The light top unit is held in place on the light socket outlet by a strong magnet. Other light top units can be attached with no assembly effort at all.

Safe light solution

The light socket outlet offers a 12 V safety extra-low voltage. This makes the light socket outlet safe to touch – even if no light top insert is attached. Mechanical locking, a disassembly safeguard, protects against theft and inadvertent
loosening of the top unit.

Open Plug & Light network

As the first network partner of Plug & Light, Brumberg already presents five lighting series in the Plug & Light System. A lighting series comprises of a wall light, a ceiling light and a pendant light. Other light manufacturers are also called upon to create
new light designs and join the Plug & Light network.

Easy installation

Installation is in a commercially available European device box. Plug & Light is therefore ideally suited for new builds and retrofitting. Thanks to the locking option, Plug & Light is suitable both for private use and for installation in public buildings and hotel complexes.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Plug & Light


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