Gira call systems and emergency sets

The Gira call systems allow users to call for help in hospitals, care homes, medical practices or public toilets and meet all the security-related requirements according to DIN VDE 0834. All the functions can be installed in the frames of the Gira design lines. Gira’s way of ensuring unity and consistency on the wall is giving switches, socket outlets and the call system a uniform design.

Gira nurse call system

The Gira nurse call system is standard equipment for hospitals, care homes, residential buildings and medical practices. Thanks to its decentralised and modular design, it is suitable for both very small systems with just a few rooms and large facilities with various residential units or care wards.

Gira nurse call system Plus

The Gira nurse call system Plus for use in hospitals, care homes, residential buildings and medical practices has a voice function with excellent transfer quality. It reduces personnel’s daily workload, while offering greater convenience for both patients and occupants at the same time. It is also extremely easy to install by means of Plug and Play.

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