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Gira G1 firmware update


Order No. 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

ZIP, 321.154 Kb

Version: 3.5.62

Date: 14.03.2024



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Firmware version 3.5.62 is required in the GPA to configure the Gira G1 with the following index statuses:
Gira G1 black glass:
- 206705: I25
- 206905: I27
- 207705: I25
- 208905: I09
Gira G1 white glass:
- 206712: I24
- 206912: I26
- 207712: I24
- 208912: I08
No update is required for devices with older index versions.

After the firmware update, new versions of the apps available on the Gira G1 are installed. If the Gira G1 is operated as an eNet or HomeServer client, please check in the "Settings - Gira app settings" menu on the Gira G1 whether the new versions of the apps have been activated.
Restart the Gira G1 after waiting 2 minutes.


Known HomeServer client restrictions

  • Direct plug-in switchover (plug-ins are only available via menu tiles)
  • Diagram plug-In: Switchover hour/day/week/month/year
  • Camera plug-in: Display of buttons
  • Call of third-party apps (e.g. Revox)
  • Menu entries "shake" and "clicking sound" have no function
  • Evaluation of the Gira G1 temperature sensor module not possible