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Gira Smart Home Windows Client 32 Bit


Order No. 2096 00, 2039 00

EXE, 60.845 Kb

Version: 5.0.24

Date: 06.03.2023


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New functions in connection with the Gira One server

  • The Smart Home Windows Client can be used as a client in systems with a Gira One server/Gira X1 server.
  • In a Gira One system, the interface of the Gira Smart Home App can visualize up to 250 Gira One devices.
  • A maximum of 100 Gira One clients can access the Gira One server simultaneously.
  • If users with administrator rights are logged in to the Smart Home Windows Client, the following functions are available:
    • Reset the device password of the Gira One server to the initial device password to regain access to the device and project.
    • Add IP cameras equipped with ONVIF technology.

Known restrictions in a Gira One project with the Smart Home Windows Client

  • The Gira Smart Home Windows Client can display video streams from IP cameras that are retrieved via a preview URL.
  • There is an alternative way to view the video stream if the IP camera has a separate RTSP stream.
    An alternative RTSP stream is only supported for the Gira Smart Home App on iOS and Android operating systems.
    The Gira Smart Home Windows Client does not support this alternative way of viewing the video stream.