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Greater convenience through building technology that takes on everyday tasks. Greater security through intelligent solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Greater value through needs-based adaptation of energy consumption. For some time now, design and technology have been returning to their actual reason for existing – serving people. The possibilities of modern building technology are almost limitless in this regard, and new ones are constantly being added. It is essential that this technology is used sensibly and made available in a reliable and easy-to-operate manner. Intelligent building technology with Gira Assistance ensures that people really do feel at home within their own four walls.

Design and technology serving people

For some time now, design and technology have finally been returning to their actual reason for existing – serving people. New products must be evaluated based on their usability. They should solve problems, not create new ones.

Convenience, security and value with Gira products

Whether it involves individual products for electricity, light, heating or door communication, wirelessly controlled functions or the entire intelligence of a centrally-controlled KNX/EIB system, building systems technology from Gira offers solutions to make homes even more comfortable.

Checklist: Planning an electrical installation in a future-proof manner

Internet access throughout the whole home, connections for a telephone and television in any desired room, enough socket outlets for a coffee machine, television, chargers and everything else you need for modern-day living: optimal use can be made of the latest technology if the electrical installation is planned well.

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