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Experience the virtual Gira fair stand. Make your way through the aisles, check out the new products and let the product manager explain selected products to you directly.

Gira pushbutton sensor 4 - the smart edition of the light switch

The new Gira pushbutton sensor 4 makes an impression with its high-quality, contemporary design, genuine materials and a pleasant touch and feel. A wide range of KNX applications can be controlled from a central point at the push of a button: light and light scenes, blinds, room temperature, entertainment and much more. The new pushbutton sensor 4 is available in a number of different designs, materials and colours.

Gira G1 - KNX operating devices with KNX Secure

The Gira G1 central operating unit is the all-rounder for state-of-the-art building technology. It not only makes central control of a Smart Home possible, but also, as one of the first KNX operating devices, guarantees strict data security. The KNX Secure software update enables encrypted communication between the Gira G1 and other KNX secure-capable devices, such as the Gira KNX switch and blind actuators, and keeps it safe from manipulation.

Update available from 06/2020

Gira X1 software update

The software update allows the Gira X1 to be upgraded by 125/250 functions and 500/1000 data points. This now also makes it suitable for use in large buildings. The software packages are available from the Gira AppShop. In addition, the Gira X1 also has a number of new operating features. The end user can therefore add an astro or random function to functional clocks, sort and rename functions or rooms in the Gira Smart Home App, or change the icons in the app. Furthermore, seamless integration into the Sonos Smart Home System is possible, and it features the “Works with Sonos Label” certification. An upgrade of the Gira IoT services to allow voice control using Google Assistant and the cloud-based web service IFTTT is also included with the software update.

Update available from 06/2020

Gira HomeServer update

The central control unit for the enhanced Smart Home is being given a comprehensive software update. Start-up of the Gira HomeServer, for example, will become easier and more efficient, and operation more intuitive for the user. Data transmission is encrypted thanks to KNX Secure. The floor plan can be visualised in QuadClient for intuitive and quick operation. A new editor also ensures that the floor plan visualisation is easy to create. The straightforward integration of the Gira Alarm Connect security system into the Gira HomeServer by means of a logic node is another example of the numerous new features. In order to ensure better readability during the day, there is now a white version of the user interface along with the black one. Switching between day and night mode can be done automatically or manually.

Update available from 06/2020

Gira Esprit bronze design line (PVD)

A high-quality frame version is the latest addition to the Gira Esprit design line – Gira Esprit bronze (PVD). The sophisticated appearance of Gira Esprit bronze (PVD) makes a timeless and elegant impression, and effectively complements accessories available in a similar colour, such as door handles or fittings. More than 300 functions from the Gira System 55 are available. The frame is available in 1-gang to 4-gang versions.

Available from 10/2020

Gira E2 - System 55 grey matt

The Gira E2 design line in grey matt is a logical addition to the existing range of colours. The new colour allows new design ideas to be turned into reality. A new colour is now also available for the Gira System 55, making a large number of functional inserts in grey matt available – from the SCHUKO socket outlet to the blind controller. The Gira E2 grey matt design line is available in 1-gang to 5-gang versions and for normal and flat installation.

Available from 10/2020

Gira System 106 door station in two new colours

The modular Gira System 106 door intercom, which is designed for flexible integration with other systems, will be available in two new colours from autumn 2020 on. With stainless steel as their basis, the trend colours bronze (PVD) and black matt will supplement the existing range. The design fronts used for the audio and info modules are easy to replace without any need to replace the technology they use for operation.

Available from 10/2020

Gira DCS mobile App - with new features for more convenience

A software update for the DCS IP gateway gives the user new functions that offer even more convenience and security. The camera can now be activated without a door call for spontaneous door control. In order to be able to use a smartphone to see see who rang the doorbell later in the day, the image memory offers a memory capacity for 200 images. The
user can also activate or deactivate door call forwarding using the app. The app can also be used to define whether or not a PIN is necessary to open the door.

Gira eNet SMART HOME now with voice control

The free of charge update of the Gira eNet server allows straightforward control of the Gira eNet SMART HOME using voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The processes required for start-up are conceivably easy to perform. The functions can be configured in combination with the voice services so that voice commands can also be used to operate scene control in a Gira eNet SMART HOME.

Easy control of the Gira System 3000 by remote

The Gira System 3000 has been expanded to make it even more versatile: Gira System 3000 top units already in use are now easy to replace with a new Gira eNet wireless operating top unit. In combination with the eNet radio wall transmitter, this allows an additional switching point to be added to a room. For even more convenience, the eNet radio wireless operating top unit can also be used with the eNet server to enable control using a smartphone or a tablet, or by means of voice control.

Gira System 3000 is being expanded with a room temperature control

Gira is adding a room temperature control to its popular Gira System 3000. This now makes heating control possible within the integrated Gira System 3000 as well. The time-controlled temperature setting for individual rooms saves energy and ensures individual comfort at home. The room temperature control can be regulated both on site using the operating element and by using Bluetooth (in the Komfort version). Both operating modes – by direct device input or using the Gira System 3000 App – makes it easy and intuitive to enter all settings for the room temperature.

Available from 10/2020

Gira KNX presence detector Mini Komfort with integrated temperature sensor

The highly responsive and simultaneously very discreet Gira KNX Mini Komfort presence detector offers a wide range of functions. Gira has added an integrated temperature sensor to it for even more usage options. This not only allows it to control the light according to the persons in the room, but also measure the current room temperature itself and trigger switching commands. The compact design and a flexible installation concept ensure simple flush-mounted and surface-mounted installation. Thanks to the IP44 protection type, installation is also possible
outdoors or in damp rooms.

Available from 05/2020

New Gira KNX switch and blind actuator

For the first time, Gira is now offering a Standard and a Komfort version for KNX actuators. The Standard version is particularly suitable for residential buildings in combination with the Gira X1 – along with commercial facilities requiring a large number of actuators with basic functions only. The Komfort version makes the use of many functions possible in the actuator itself thanks to the large range of functions. That saves time and reduces the bus load. Both versions score points with a new DIN rail adapter wiring concept: the connection terminals are now located on both sides of the housing, instead of on top of each other as previously the case.

Available from 08/2020

Gira KNX button - classic control of smart technology

The new Gira KNX button is particularly well suited to residential properties and real estate in which a KNX system is installed and classic operating elements are used. There is also a large number of options when it comes to design: the Gira KNX button can be combined with the design lines from the Gira System 55 and with the Gira F100.

Available from 10/2020

New surface-mounted solution for the Gira E2 design line

A surface-mounted housing in a pure white glossy finish is now also available for the high-quality Gira E2 design line. It enables new design solutions to be retrofitted wherever there are no cables and flush-mounted boxes installed in the wall. The new surface-mounted solution can be combined with over 300 function inserts from the Gira System 55.

Available from April 2020

Gira Standard 55 design line with new surface-mounted solution

A new surface-mounted housing is available for the Gira Standard 55 design line in a pure white glossy finish and a cream white glossy finish. It is particularly suitable for retrofitting wherever there are no lines or flush-mounted boxes installed. The housing can be equipped with more than 300 function inserts from the Gira
System 55 and is available in 1-gang, 2-gang and 3-gang versions.

For smart cooperation - IFTTT connection for Gira server

The Gira X1 and Gira HomeServer are being equipped with an IFTTT connection for straightforward integration of IoT devices in a Gira KNX Smart Home. This enables third-party IoT devices to be integrated into a network with the Gira KNX Smart Home. In combination with the Gira S1, data is transmitted securely. The connection to IFTTT allows the end user to create their own simple if-then rules – “if this, then that”. For example, if the “central off” switch is operated when leaving the house, operation of the robot vacuum cleaner can be activated at the same time.

Gira USB power supply A & C

Efficient and easy charging: the new USB power supply A & C with one USB-A and one USB-C plug connector allows safe and simultaneous charging of two mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, cameras or other USB end devices. In addition to the standard USB-A connection, the USB-C connection is particularly suitable for all state-of-the-art and future mobile devices.

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