KNX dimming actuator, 4-gang

Two variants, ideal for dimming high-voltage LEDs

The Gira KNX dimming actuator 4-gang is designed for switching and dimming a variety of different lamps. It features a simplified DRA wiring concept with high-quality connection terminals on both sides of the housing, enabling quick and safe installation. In a compact design of only four modular widths, the KNX dimming actuator provides a total of four outputs for the separate control of lighting circuits of up to 225 W each.

The new products are particularly suitable for controlling modern high-voltage LEDs, with up to 200 W dimmable per output. For even more power, Gira System 3000 power boosters are also available.

The KNX dimming actuator 4-gang is available in Standard and Komfort variants. The Standard variant has the most frequently required functions, while the Komfort variant offers additional useful functions.

  • Extensive scene functions can be implemented (16 scenes for Standard variant, 64 for Komfort variant)
  • Easy logics can be implemented even without a server
  • Individually adjustable dimming characteristic per LED dimming channel
  • Power extension via power boosters or, in the Komfort variant, via parallel connection of the outputs
  • Spacious terminal compartment with high-quality screw terminals and relay
  • Suitable for use in both private and commercial environments
  • Easy start-up, updates, and troubleshooting with the Gira ETS Service App

  • KNX Secure is fully supported
  • All software functions can be fully upgraded with any security updates or function extensions

Function list Gira KNX dimming actuator 4-gang Komfort and Standard

The matrix shown contains only an excerpt of the full range of features. A complete overview can be downloaded here.

KNX dimming actuators 4-gang DRA
KNX dimming actuators 4-gang DRA
Installation type
Modular width MW
Manual operation
KNX Secure
KNX Secure
Fully updateable
Overview of dimming functions
Dimming function for high-voltage LED and other lamps
Dimming function, extended Komfort function
Switch on/off behaviour
Staircase function
Staircase function extended
Logical linking function
Adjustable basic/minimum brightness
Only basic brightness
Adjustable maximum brightness
Feedback and status function
Feedback and status function extended
Adjustable dimming characteristic per channel
Characteristic curve in the time range
Characteristic curve in the value range
Power extension
Parallel connection of outputs (1-4)
Extension with Gira System 3000 universal LED power booster DRA
Overarching functions overview
Manual operation of extended Komfort functions
Central function
Logical links as separate logic gates
Scene function
Number of scenes in the actuator
Extended scene retrieval (scene toggling (via 1-bit)) (in the actuator)
Elapsed operating time meter

The product in detail