Gira G1

The all-rounder for building technology

The Gira G1 is the intelligent control centre for the entire KNX building technology. All the functions can be conveniently operated with a tap or gesture on the brilliant multi-touch display. It can be installed on a single device box like a normal switch and is equally suitable for modernisations, retrofits and new buildings. As one of the first KNX operating elements, it provides increased everyday data security with KNX Secure. Thanks to encryption, communication between the Gira G1 and other KNX Secure-enabled devices is tamper-proof.

The Gira G1 can be used as a KNX operating device, eNet SMART HOME Client, HomeServer Client, Gira X1 Client, Alarm Connect Client or, in conjunction with the TKS IP gateway, as a home station for door communication. Programming can be carried out as before via ETS or, as a completely new feature for the client applications, via GPA. The GPA data points create interesting new possibilities for G1.


Flat, compact, elegant

With its delicate look, the Gira G1 appears to almost float on the wall. Available in either black or white, the Gira G1 can be integrated into different residential environments in an aesthetically harmonious way.

High-quality materials

Selected materials emphasise the high-quality design of the Gira G1. The single-piece front panel is made of scratch-resistant, 1-mm thick special glass. Thanks to its precision bonding, it forms a single unit with the housing. The high-quality metal frame gives the Gira G1 an attractive appearance, even from the side. The glass fibre-reinforced holding frame ensures permanent stability on the wall.

The interface between the hand and the system

The bright 15.25 cm [6"] TFT colour display with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels and 155 ppi renders images, graphics and text extremely clearly. The Gira G1 is easily readable from all viewing angles, so it can be used equally well by both tall and short people. All functions can be controlled with extreme ease by means of a touch or gesture, such as resting your hand on the display and swiping across the touch sensitive surface.

Sensitive reaction

The display is automatically adapted to the relevant lighting conditions by means of the brightness sensor. The proximity sensor detects when someone approaches the Gira G1 and switches the display on automatically. If the Gira G1 is not being used, the display is switched off. This saves electricity and is an energy-efficient solution.

For better understanding

The Gira G1 can be used as a home station in a Gira door communication system. Thanks to the speaker and microphone that are inconspicuously integrated into the housing, you can always guarantee that those indoors and those outdoors will be able to fully understand one another.


All the diversity of building technology at just 9 x 16 cm

From adjusting lighting and blinds, to setting the room temperature, online weather forecasting and door communication, the Gira G1 can be used to control many building technology functions intuitively. The selected function is called up and available for use with just a touch or a gesture, such as resting your hand on the display or swiping. The user can easily adjust any settings for the Gira G1 and the building technology controlled by it.

Lighting control

Whether you want to switch lights on and off or precisely dim them to your desired setting: the Gira G1, allows you to control lighting with maximum flexibility. Several switch and dimmer templates are available for the various requirements.

Integrated room temperature controller

The integrated room temperature controller allows heating and cooling systems to be controlled. The desired temperature, operating modes such as comfort and night-time and the seven-day timer can be conveniently set directly on the Gira G1. The current room temperature is recorded via KNX, e.g. via pushbutton sensor 3 Komfort, and is permanently displayed in the status bar.

Blind control

Raising or lowering blinds or roller shutters, precisely positioning them at a predefined height, and moving slats into the desired position: the user has everything under control with the Gira G1.

Colour Picker

The Colour Picker allows users to set a precise lighting colour of their choice when using RGB, RGBW and Tunable White lights. The desired colour is selected using a colour circle and a saturation slider. Brightness is set using the customary dimmer function. Users can save up to five colour and brightness combinations as favourites.

Audio control

Play and pause tracks, adjust the volume, mute, skip between tracks, view information about the current track: with the Gira G1, you can control any audio system with a KNX interface.


Know what’s going on in the house, outside the door or in the garage: the Gira G1 App can also transmit and display video images, such as those from IP cameras, for example. So everything is always in view – a reassuring benefit when it comes to security.


The timer is easy to operate and can be used to control many functions. It allows certain functions to be automatically triggered at a specified time every day or only on certain days of the week. For example, the blinds can be automatically raised every morning and lowered again in the evening, or the heating automatically switched to night mode.

Calling up scenes

The perfect room ambiance includes the right light, the ideal temperature, appropriate privacy protection, and perhaps some quiet music in the background: the desired mood can be called up directly at the touch of a finger using the Gira G1.

Door communication

When combined with the Gira DCS IP gateway and a door station video, the new Gira G1 can be used as a home station. The camera image automatically appears on the display when the doorbell rings. The door can be opened or the entrance light switched on at the touch of a finger.

Function folder

Individual functions, e.g. all of the light functions, can be bundled together in a function folder to provide a better overview. Function folders can also be used to map a simple building structure.

Weather forecast

The free online weather service from Gira can be integrated via the internet. That way, you will know in the morning whether you need to pack an umbrella for the day.

Value transmitter

Predefined settings are used to control the blinds and heating: the value transmitter sends the values to the KNX system; the external devices are then able to evaluate these and perform the appropriate functions.

Direct function

You can directly call up a predefined main function by simply laying your hand on the display. The Gira G1 therefore becomes a simple switch that can be used to turn the ceiling light on and off, for example. The main function is shown on the screen that is currently active and automatically disappears again once a certain period of time has elapsed.

Status display

The status display can show values from a wide variety of sources, including on/off statuses, temperatures, or brightness values, for example.


The interface can be adapted to the user’s needs. For example, functions can be compiled to create personal favourites or the sequence can be changed.


The new ease of building technology

The intuitive Gira Interface is an entirely new development that makes operating building technology and door communication easier than ever before. The user-friendly design with large font and easy-to-understand symbols thanks to the new Gira symbol system ensure clarity.

As easy as a switch

From the functional overview, a touch of the finger leads to the detailed view, where all features of the relevant function can be accessed on the entire display. A swipe of the finger allows the user to jump from one function to the next – as if there were various switches lined up on the wall. Door communication and the weather forecast can also be called up from the functional overview.

Hands down

Placing your hand on the display allows a predefined main function to be called up directly, such as the ceiling lamp. The function is shown on the screen that is currently active and disappears again automatically once a certain period of time has elapsed. The function that is to be operated can be conveniently defined by the user at any time.


One device, a wealth of possibilities

The Gira G1 can be used as a central operating unit for a KNX system and connected by LAN or WLAN. This makes it suitable for new builds, as well as for modernisations and retrofits.

Connection via LAN or WLAN

All functions are implemented via IP in all application scenarios. The Gira G1 is connected via a LAN cable or wirelessly via WLAN and a suitable interface (KNX IP router and/or Gira DCS-IP gateway) to the building technology, as the situation in the building requires. In new builds or in buildings with existing cabling, connection via LAN is recommended. During refurbishments and modernisations, connection via WLAN is the ideal choice for simple retrofitting without construction work. To ensure faultless KNX communication in a wireless network at all times, a Gira KNX IP router (version v3 and above) is required that is specially equipped with an additional “reliable KNX communication” function.

Gira KNX

As an operating device for an existing or newly installed KNX system, the Gira G1 can provide all of the building technology functions and, when combined with the Gira DCS-IP Gateway, it also provides the functions of the Gira door communication system. The connection is not made via KNX TP (twisted pair) as usual, but via the network (KNXnet/IP).

Door communication and weather forecast

The Gira G1 can be connected to an IP network via a LAN cable or WLAN. This makes available IP functions, such as the online weather forecast and, when combined with the Gira DCfS-IP gateway, also the Gira door communication system.

Flexible power supply

Three different flush-mounted connection modules are available for use in the various systems: Power over Ethernet (PoE), 230 V WLAN ¹ and 24 V WLAN ¹

Flush-mounted connection module
Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The Gira G1 is directly connected to a network cable and also supplied with power with the help of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) module.

Flush-mounted connection module
230 V WLAN

The 230 V WLAN module is the standard module and is suitable when new intelligent building technology is to be installed during modernisation.

Flush-mounted connection module

With the 24 V WLAN module, the Gira G1 can be installed in the flush-mounted box of an existing pushbutton sensor for the KNX system. Power is then supplied via the KNX line, and the data is transferred via WLAN.


Gira G1 – the all-rounder for building technology: 1 operating device – 7 areas of application

The Gira G1 is the all-rounder for building technology. Besides its function as a KNX room operating device, it can also act as a Gira X1 client, a Gira eNet SMART HOME client, a Gira HomeServer client or it can be used in conjunction with the Gira Alarm Connect security system. When combined with the Gira DCS IP gateway and a door station video, the new Gira G1 can also be used as a home station. For applications requiring large systems with more than 62 video devices and multi-conversation mode, the Gira G1 offers the possibility of being used as a SIP Client.

Gira G1 as a HomeServer Client

In KNX systems with a Gira HomeServer, the Gira G1 can alternatively also be used as a HomeServer Client for controlling the KNX system. The same interface is available for all devices. The clear and easy-to-operate user interface displays all the functions and is fast and convenient to use. Almost all the functions available in the standard Gira HomeServer are supported: central control of light, blinds and heating, room scene design, requirements-based individual room control for ventilation and heating, fully automatic garden watering, multimedia entertainment in all rooms, door communication, weather service and much more. Releases with additional HomeServer functions are already planned.

More about Gira HomeServer

Gira G1 as an X1 Client

Another market innovation of the Gira G1 is that in combination with the Gira X1, it can now also be used as an X1 Client. This is where the all-rounder is at its best. From lighting and shading, heating and cooling to scene and music control and the integration of network cameras – everything is started up quickly and easily thanks to the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). Other Gira systems can also be integrated, such as the door communication system, Gira Alarm Connect security system, and online weather service.

More about the Gira X1 server

Gira G1 as a home station

In conjunction with the Gira TKS IP gateway and a Gira door station with colour camera, the Gira G1 can be used as a full standalone home station. When the doorbell rings, the camera image automatically appears in the display. Communication can be started, the door opened or the light in the entrance area switched on with a tap of the finger. With features such as direct access to favourite functions and the integration of images from multiple cameras that can be viewed one after the other with a swipe gesture, door communication is even more convenient. Internal voice communication between several Gira G1 or to other Gira home stations is also possible.
The functionality of the home station can also be integrated into the scope of functions of the Gira G1 as a KNX room operating device: This significantly increases the range of functions once again.

More about Gira door communication

Gira G1 as SIP Client

If larger systems require features such as a call display, concierge function or multiple call mode, the Gira G1 can also be used as a home station – as what is known as a SIP Client. The door station is provided by a third-party system. The Gira G1 SIP Client currently supports the SIP protocol of various providers, including Comelit, Schüco and TCS. The dual function of the Gira G1 means it can be used as a SIP home station and as an interface for building control (KNX or eNet). The advantage for the user is that there is only one display on the wall.

More about the Gira G1 as a SIP client

Gira G1 as a KNX operating device

From lighting and blind control and setting the room temperature to online weather forecasts and door communication – the new Gira G1 is the all-in-one smart operating device for KNX building technology. All the functions can be conveniently operated by swiping or touching the bright multi-touch display. In combination with the DCS IP gateway, it can also be used as a home station for Gira door communication. It can be installed on a single flush-mounted device box like a normal switch and is equally well-suited to modernisation, retrofitting and new buildings.

More about the functions of the KNX room operating device

Gira G1 as an eNet SMART HOME Client

The Gira G1 allows users to control all areas of their personal eNet SMART HOME system from home. Intelligent central operating offers intuitive access to all functions. Thanks to its future-oriented yet unobtrusive design, the Gira G1 eNet SMART HOME Client fits perfectly into every room. The Gira door communication system and an online weather service can also be integrated.

More about the Gira eNet SMART HOME system


Easy installation, easy handling

Installation is extremely simple. A network cable and a PoE-enabled switch are all that is required in the new structure in order to connect the device to the communication network. This is also possible when retrofitting, for which a 230 V model with WLAN or a 24 V model, also with WLAN, are available.

Installation in three steps

The Gira G1 can be installed in a standard device box (deep box). Installation takes place in three steps:

First, the flush-mounted connection module (Power over Ethernet, 24 V WLAN, 230 V WLAN) is installed in the device box.

A holding frame is fixed on the flush-mounted connection module and attached to another box or screwed to the wall with two screws.

Once the installation work is complete, the display module is clipped into the holding frame. A disassembly safeguard protects the device from being easily disassembled.

Well-designed packaging

The innovative packaging enables easy installation of the G1. The three components of the G1 are packed individually, guarantee optimum protection and enable maximum flexibility for installation.

The device is available in the following versions: Power over Ethernet, 24 V WLAN and 230 V WLAN and in either white or black. The packaging allows for individual removal to ensure maximum installation flexibility. Connection materials are included with the device.

Fast start-up

With KNX building functions, start-up is carried out by ETS from version 4.2 onwards. The additional weather forecast and door communication functions are started up on the device itself.

Starting up the G1 couldn’t be easier: when you start the device, simply select the app that you want the device to run and start the installation. Client updates can be carried out independently by the end user.

Technical data


Gira G1 in black

Gira G1 in white

Model flush-mounted connection module

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Item no. 206905 Gira G1 PoE black
Item no. 206912 Gira G1 PoE white

230 V WLAN

Item no. 206705 Gira G1 230 V black
Item no. 206712 Gira G1 230 V white


Item no. 207705 Gira G1 24 V black
Item no. 207712 Gira G1 24 V white


97 mm
168 mm
Depth from wall:
15 mm


1 GHz Single Core
4 GB eMMC, internal memory



802.3af, Cat5e - Cat7,10/100 MBit

¹ only with PoE


802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz

² not with PoE


153 mm (6“)
480 x 800 px (155 ppi)
16.7 million

Proximity sensor

max. 50 cm
detection angle:

Power supply

Gira G1 230 V:
230 V AC
Gira G1 24 V:
10-31 V AC/DC
Gira G1 PoE:
PoE 48 V DC class 0

Temperature ranges/humidity

+/-0°C to +45°C
-20 C to +70°C
Rel. humidity:
max. 95% r. h., no condensation

Power consumption

7 W
2 W
4 W



Operating instructions

Gira G1

Operating instructions (firmware version 3.3.88 or higher)

Bestell-Nr 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

PDF, 4,9 MB


Gira G1 temperature sensor module

Operating instructions

Bestell-Nr 2091 00

PDF, 1,2 MB


Technical Documentation

Gira G1

Technical documentation (firmware version 3.2.148 or higher)

Bestell-Nr 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

PDF, 7,5 MB


Installation instructions

Gira G1

Installation instructions

Bestell-Nr 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

PDF, 1,6 MB



Gira G1

Bestell-Nr 17112 99

PDF, 3,5 MB


Gira Smart Home

Bestell-Nr 18124 90

PDF, 2,0 MB



Gira G1 firmware update

Universal firmware that contains all supported operating modes. To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 4.7 is required. Please follow the instructions in the enclosed documentation.

Bestell-Nr 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

ZIP, 313,6 MB


Factory reset on Gira G1 via SD card

The file from the ZIP folder can be used to trigger a factory reset on the Gira G1 (up to firmware version 1.4.65). Please follow the instructions in the PDF file.

Bestell-Nr 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

ZIP, 45,2 KB


Guides / system basics

Gira Door communication system

Basics, planning examples Door communication system Order no. 1736 90

PDF, 5,4 MB


Gira One

System basics

PDF, 51,3 MB


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