Gira KNX weather station Standard

Gira KNX weather station Standard

Wind speed, precipitation, twilight and temperature can be measured and analysed with the new Gira KNX weather station Standard. In addition, three brightness sensors positioned at right angles to each other determine the brightness in different directions. The sensors can analyse data individually or collectively. The weather station is installed on the exterior of the building, for example on the roof, and connected to the KNX system.

Two different limits can be taught in per sensor. A teach-in function allows for adoption of a current measurement value as the limit.

To increase functional reliability, the weather station monitors its own major functions and reports corresponding faults automatically via message objects on the bus. Operation without a 24-V supplementary power supply is possible. In this case, rain detection is deactivated and the corresponding safety objects are continuously activated.

Further details

  • The weather station and in-built heating for the wind sensor are powered via the bus and via a 24 V AC/DC 300 mA power supply.
  • All limit objects feature a parameterizable switch-on and switch-off delay.
  • In addition, four blocking elements and six logic gates (AND, AND with return, OR, Exclusive OR, NAND, NOR) can be created. They are available for both internal functions and functions outside the weather station.
  • Limits can be associated with one another via internal links.
  • The sending behaviour for measurements and limits can be set. Either cyclical or event-oriented transmission can be selected.


The weather station can be installed on the roof, wall, or – with the Gira pole attachment available as an accessory – to free-standing poles with a diameter of 50 to 120 mm. The weather station is then secured with a hose clamp.

Technical data

Dimensions of the device (approx.)
Height 170 mm, depth 204 mm, Width 88 mm
Power supply
Power consumption
max. 7W
Temperature range
-20 °C to +55 °C
Wind speed
0 to 40 m/s
1,000 to 110,000 Lux
0 to 674 Lux
Yes/No (binary)


Operating instructions

Standard weather station

Operating manual.

Bestell-Nr 2150 04

PDF, 1,4 MB


Technical Documentation

Weather station standard

Technical documentation.

Bestell-Nr 2150 04

PDF, 3,5 MB


Product information

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Gira KNX / EIB Wetterstation Standard

Bestell-Nr 1784 10

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Gira Smart Home

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