Handling technology is made simple in the concept of the Gira door communication system. Installation without cabling during renovation and configuration of the system without the need for all living units to be present - made possible by 2-wire bus technology and the concept of one-man start-up. With the Gira door communication system, buildings with up to 28 residential units can be realised in the area of video functionality as well.

Gira has integrated door communication into the world of switches for this purpose. Gira home stations are available in diverse design variations and can be combined with various colours and a wide range of frame variants.

Gira home stations are the voice and operating units at the front door and the counterpieces to the door station outside. Gira offers devices with a modular design system, but also fully pre-assembled stations such as the VideoTerminal.

The door stations are used as voice and operating units for outdoor areas. Gira offers variants for flush-mounted and surface-mounted installation. Integration in the Gira energy profiles is also possible.

Access with a number combination, fingerprint or card: Gira now offers the Keyless In products Keypad, Fingerprint and Transponder within the Gira door communication system.

The essential components for door communication are the control devices. They take on fundamental tasks for supplying and controlling the system.

In addition to a high level of technical quality, Gira places great value on product design. Through intensive cooperation with external and in-house design teams, we develop products which are repeatedly recognized for their exceptional and simple design.

Door communication


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