Extras for the home
More functions in the switch range

Internet and network over the mains supply, automatically controlled light, music from the wall and much more besides. Gira offers numerous products that simply make electrical installation in the home more intelligent – without any major installation effort or expenses. There is a range of different functions to choose from with the design line, to help bring more convenience, security and energy efficiency to your home. Through integration into the Gira design system, all devices fit seamlessly into the existing electrical installation, ensuring a uniform appearance across switches, socket outlets and intelligent functions on the wall.

Gira automatic control switch 2
Automatically switching and dimming light

Light on, light off – all by itself. Automatically controlled light is convenient, safe and energy-saving. When used in combination with a dimming insert, the Gira automatic control switch 2 provides an additional special lighting experience: The brightness is gradually increased to the selected level when you enter a room and is slowly lowered again when you exit. Occupancy simulation can also be activated for holidays or other periods of absence. This function allows you to record your user behaviour and replicate it in order to deter intruders.

Gira RDS radio
Music from the wall

The Gira RDS radio simply sits in the wall, just like light switches and socket outlets. This avoids exposed cables and keeps work surfaces and counters free. The capacitive sensor field can be simply and intuitively controlled with a light touch. And the brilliant display with the RDS function for displaying the station name, the frequency and the time provides added comfort. Thanks to its high-quality speaker, the Gira RDS radio produces a pure, clean sound. The operating top unit and loudspeaker are available in various colours and can be combined as desired to match any style.

Gira LED socket outlet
Orientation in the dark

The Gira LED socket outlet ensures better orientation in dark rooms and hallways. It directs a discreet light corridor downwards and thus provides indirect orientation lighting on the floor without dazzling. It can also be used to set attractive lighting accents in the room. Child protection is integrated so that the socket outlet can be installed in children's rooms as a night light. To save energy, a twilight sensor automatically switches the light on when darkness sets in and switches it off again when it is bright enough.

Gira USB power supply
Charge mobile devices – without a power supply unit

The Gira USB power supply makes it easy to charge mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players and digital cameras. You only need one USB cable instead of several different adapters. Another advantage: You do not have to switch a computer on to power devices via a USB connection. The Gira USB power supply is equipped with two sockets and provides enough power to reliably charge even power-hungry devices.

Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor
Ambient air in the green range

Warns of poor air quality and opens the windows automatically if desired: The Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor monitors the CO₂ content in the room, helping to improve your well-being and concentration. If the air is still fresh, this is indicated by means of an LED that lights up green. However, if the CO₂ concentration exceeds a set limit, the LED lights up red. If the Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor is connected to a fan or automatic window system, rooms can be ventilated in a needs-based and energy-efficient manner with extreme ease.

Gira touch dimming top unit
Dimming in a nutshell

Capacitive sensor technology, blue LEDs and a flat design: The Gira touch dimming top unit is the latest in dimming technology. Lightly touching the LED strip at the top is enough to set the desired brightness in the room. Touching the LED at the bottom switches the light on and off at a set brightness value. What's more, the flat design of the Gira touch dimming top unit makes it a visual highlight.

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