Gira for kindergartens, schools and colleges

The construction or restoration of kindergartens, schools and colleges is associated with stringent requirements. On one hand, this is because classrooms should stimulate and motivate. On the other, however, there are also specific loading, usability and security criteria to take into consideration. Good electrical planning provides architecture with support here in a number of ways. It means that rooms can be put to versatile and convenient use, enables networking, creates transparency and cuts energy costs. Find out more here about the possibilities of intelligent building technology from Gira – from automation, communication technology and products for security, to systems for surface-mounted installation that can be used to easily retrofit modern building technology.

Intelligent building technology from Gira

Building technology from Gira is divided into three areas. In addition to conventional installation, Gira offers two intelligent systems that use automation and remote control to enable a high degree of convenience, security, flexibility and value.

Saving energy

A lot of energy can be saved with relatively little effort. Gira shows six intelligent building technology products by way of example to demonstrate what this might involve.

Saving energy with KNX

Sophisticated systems for intelligent building technology offer the greatest potential for energy savings. The perfect pair for this: the Gira Facility Server, coupled with the Gira Control 19 Client or a computer as the system’s central monitoring and control unit.


With a wide product range encompassing socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection ('shutter') , smoke detectors, a complex call system and an alarm system, Gira offers comprehensive daily protection against injury, smoke, fire, and unauthorised entry.

Camera surveillance with KNX

Surveillance cameras are becoming more widespread and offer greater security – for pupils and students and against vandalism and theft. Camera-based surveillance can be set up within the KNX system.

Door communication

Sometimes, it’s good to see who’s at the door – and even more so when there’s not just a main entrance in the school building, but several side entrances too. The Gira door communication system offers a wide range of door intercoms with video function.

Communication technology

Nowadays, for school pupils, students and teachers, keeping your finger on the pulse naturally means using electronic devices. Accordingly, the electrical installation must satisfy other requirements. Gira offers a wide range of products for communication technology.

Scene management with KNX

In school buildings, certain rooms have to be particularly versatile. Whether for a parents’ event or a teachers’ conference – the intelligent KNX system creates the optimum room conditions for air conditioning, technology and light at the touch of a button.

LED lighting and orientation

An orientation system is essential in the school or college building. Gira offers a wide range of LED orientation lights for providing signage in stairwells, elevators, toilets and various rooms.


Without any dirt or noise: Gira offers a variety of possibilities to upgrade to a modern electrical installation, without any need to open walls and lay cables.

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